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Routes and tours in Morocco: Tours: 4-day private tours

The very best four-day tours to see the best Morocco has to offer: The Sahara, the colourful north, Atlantic coast, with idyllic beaches to enjoy on camel or horseback

  • A route suffused with colour to enable you to discover Morocco, its people and their customs. Cities, towns, desert, oasis, Kasbahs ... Let’s go and explore!

  • A trip to transport you back to a north Africa akin to tales of A Thousand and One Nights, to whisk you back in time through towns and villages where humanity has left its mark amid labyrinthine streets and terraces.

  • Explore the Atlantic coast! Discover a part of Morocco, fabled for its idyllic beaches and go horseback or dromedary riding on the sands.

  • A route of marked contrasts through Morocco, from Fez to Marrakesh, two sister cities and at the same time very different, each with its own personality and the icing on the cake – the Sahara at Erg Chebbi, where the dromedaries sink their hooves into the soft dunes taking their passengers to experience the canopy of stars the desert sky becomes at night.

  • A route through Morocco for travellers seeking new adventures, to lose themselves in otherworldly landscapes; deserts, oases and fortified adobe villages, taking you back to another era.

  • Fancy heading off the beaten track? This route through Morocco brings you closer to the Sahara at Chigaga, a desert away from the trampled routes, where you can live a unique experience. Let Dromedario Volador be your guide through the Sahara!

Meet Morocco in 4 days

From north to south!

What excites you? What do most wish to visit? Morocco offers so much in terms of natural beauty, history and culture – all you have to do is make your mind up. 

Surf the Atlantic coast? Walk the great dunes of the Sahara? Mingle with the hubbub of a souk? Explore the Imperial cities? 

The caprices of geography, have fashioned a land with several personalities, depending on where we are, we will experience one terrain or another. 

Unlike the North, the Great South of Morocco retains the distinctive features of its past. Many still live in an old way, respecting traditions, which in the eyes of a foreigner are completely archaic and inconceivable this day and age, however Morocco is growing at an unbridled pace, slowly transforming this country. 

Routes through Morocco can be so varied - from spectacular mountain landscapes, with charming Berber villages and numerous fortified settlements, to verdant valleys and palm groves. Exotic historical towns and cities inviting you to delve into their narrow streets perfumed with spices and a whirl of activity that gets under your skin.

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