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Routes and tours in Morocco: Tours through Morocco: 7-day private tours

Our 7-day Morocco tours you enable you to explore our country in depth: especially our solidarity tours that will take you through lush palm groves, experience Berber and nomad families’ day to day, oases and markets little reached by tourism.

  • A tour dedicated to meeting cave dwelling Berber nomads, enjoying a landscape that will take us to discover the Paris-Dakar rally trail, and marvel at magnificent valleys brimming with palm groves.

  • Dare to explore Morocco!

    Tour the High Atlas with its Berber villages, nomad families, desert oases and traditional markets

  • A route through Morocco to enable you to discover the Imperial cities, where nothing leaves visitors indifferent; narrow winding alleys will lead you into places where time has stood still, where the smells of spices cling to your clothes, leaving their scent forever in your memory.

  • A tour through Morocco that offers you the opportunity to overnight in the desert, to follow the tracks of the camel caravans, to explore beautiful Marrakesh, discover timeless Kasbahs... fall in love with Morocco.

  • This route will immerse us in the culture of this beautiful country, so close to, but so different from Europe... routes through Morocco that will write a new page in your travel experiences.

    Discover the magic of the Moroccan desert, weave through medinas that transport you back in time and free yourself from the constraints of more rigid societies.

Routes in Morocco in 7 days

Dromedario Volador is thinking of you! And also, those who need us.

Take a solidarity tour through Morocco with us and add your grain of sand. You may think it a small gesture, but it will be much more than doing nothing. Travel to the desert and discover wonderful landscapes at a camel’s pace, as dune after dune will take you into the Sahara to taste the life of the nomads.

Soul enriching journeys await accompanied not by luxury, but by solidarity.

In rural Areas of Morocco there is a need to create literacy campaigns, less than half of the rural population ever attends school especially girls, since their families do not believe in educating them as they prefer that they learn the work of the home so that they can mainly help the mother and look after their siblings.

Health in Morocco is also another of the difficulties facing the population, many living away from urban centres, away from health services and beyond the threshold of poverty.

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