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Can you bring your own food with you when traveling to Morocco?


Many people planning to take a tour through Morocco ask us just this at Dromedario Volador.

So, let’s answer the best we can. From our own experience, it is indeed possible to take food, and we ourselves have done so on occasion. It is best to put all the food in the large check in item of baggage and thus avoid problems when passing the controls, but if you want to put some food in your hand luggage, you can, but remember not to take any liquids, pastes or anything not strictly solid, as they will no doubt be confiscated. That also goes for when you leave!

We at Dromedario Volador have brought in all sorts in our carry ons; from cured ham and salami (perhaps a risk for a Muslim country), cheese, cookies, sweets and we have never ever been stopped. Once, we accompanied some friends on a route through Morocco who were very reluctant to try any local food and had filled plastic tupperwares with macaroni, meatballs and shrimp with sauce, the lot – and they were able to bring them in without any problem at all! Nevertheless – there is a limit – after all, an important part of visiting a country should be to try its local food, surely?

A few days ago, some of our guests took a route in Morocco. One of them was celiac and vegetarian, could not eat anything that carried gluten (bread, cous-cous, pasta, etc.), or anything that could have been contaminated by foods with gluten. They didn’t eat meat or fish either.

They asked us for advice on whether to carry food in the luggage, and we advised them to take some essentials in their checked in stuff, because depending on which rural area you can find yourself in, you may have trouble finding foods that fit into your diet. They basically carried legumes in jars and bread for celiacs, which they had no problems bringing in with their checked in bags, which helped them to get by without problems the days they were on routes through Morocco.

Another frequent question is? Can we buy food in Morocco to take it back to our country?

Yes! Usually there is no problem - we ourselves have done it countless times, especially tea, tea biscuits which are delicious here, olives, spices and breads.

Obviously, you cannot fill a truck, but who is going to take 30 kilos of olives? You will take as much, a kilo and the same goes for everything else and you will have no hassle on the way out as long as you don’t take liquids.

So, now you know that if you have a few home food comforts, you don’t have to go without, but we strongly recommend you try the local food as I promise it will be a lifetime experience you won’t regret.

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